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Hamid Salehi

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Hamid founded Logan's Heroes back in 1988, 30 years ago!

Not only does he make amazing sandwiches, but he also built several fantastic relationships with all the people that came in. Many people have been impressed by his accurate memory as he is able to recall so many of the customers' names and their families after only a couple visits. He is good at connecting with people and building friendships with his guests. At 20 years of age, Hamid Salehi moved from Iran to Logan, Utah, to study accounting at Utah State University. During his schooling, he cooked for his friends and realized he had a love and passion for building relationships while serving people good food. Since Hamid preferred working for himself, he and his best friend, Ara Shahbazian (pictured above), began Logan's Heroes sandwich shop on July 5, 1988. We recognize Hamid Salehi as a Logan's Hero for Fall, 2018. After 30 years of serving the community and helping make Logan something special and memorable, he retired in November, 2018. Known for preferring to refer to customers as his “friends” or “guest”,

he helped people feel valued by building relationships with them and providing excellent service. Over those 30 years, he worked six days a week, only taking off holidays and two sick days. As an Iranian immigrant who became a US citizen, he would say, “Anyone can succeed if they work hard and treat people right. This country has been good to me.” People who visited with Hamid grew to expect a friendly reception. He knew most of his guests’ first

names, and often knew who their parents and children were. He would say, “The best part of Logan is the friendly, honest people.” After retirement, he planned to volunteer at local food-related, non-profit organizations.

Thank you, Hamid, for serving us.

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