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Logan's Heroes on Instagram!

It's official! Logan's Heroes is now on Facebook AND Instagram. Make sure to follow along with our posts for any promotions or specials that might appear!

Logan's Heroes has come a long way. It's been one of Logan's staples and anyone who has been in the shop knows that Hamid Salehi truly loved "his baby".

The new owners promised to take care of Hamid's "baby" and they are so excited about all the wonderful changes Logan's Heroes is undertaking to make the shop more accessible to you!


Social Media

Check out the Logan's Heroes Facebook page! Did you know we were on Facebook? We will use Facebook to post updates about the shop so you stay in-the-know.

Also, check out the Logan's Heroes Instagram page! We recently opened our Instagram page so you can scroll through and look at all the pictures of the delicious sandwiches we make. If you are ordering online, sometimes this can help you to decide which sandwich you want to eat that day!


There are plenty of new ways to contact us and to follow along with what we are doing!

Stay updated and stay hungry! We have lots of exciting new things for Logan's Heroes!

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