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For our first blog, we want to introduce ourselves!

We are Logan's Heroes! Nice to meet you. What's important to us? Well, lots of things! Our "customers" are not just customers to us. They are our guests! YOU guys are important to us! You keep us in business and we want you to be happy. We want to connect with you and get to know each of you better!

Yes, Hamid is retiring. Hamid founded Logan's Heroes back in 1988, 30 years ago! Not only does he make amazing sandwiches, but he also built several fantastic relationships with all the people that came in. Many people have been impressed by his accurate memory as he is able to recall so many of the customers' names and their families after only a couple visits. He is good at connecting with people and building friendships with his guests. Our goal, as the new owners of Logan's Heroes, is to carry on the same type of ownership and leadership that Hamid has so greatly orchestrated over the last 30 years. The menu won't be changing and Charlie, the manager, and the staff will remain there. We have made fun improvements to the shop as well!

Logan's Heroes is now accepting cards. Delivery will be available throughout the day, as well as, online ordering. Try it out!

We are excited to continue the Logan's Heroes traditions and to get to know all of you better!

Stay tuned for more blogs!

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